About Rachel

Having always enjoyed baking, I began to make Birthday, Christmas and Anniversary cakes for family and friends, revelling in the challenge to produce increasingly intricate designs and styles, experimenting with ingredients and techniques to create truly unique cakes.  I found I got real pleasure from seeing the delight on the faces of others as their cake was unveiled.  As I was being asked more frequently to make cakes I decided to spend more of my time baking and being creative.

I am largely self-taught, drawing inspiration from magazines and books and I work to constantly improve my skills to make better, more beautiful cakes.  I’m delighted to be a member of the Harrogate Branch of the British Sugarcraft Guild and I love to learn from the visitors we host and the other members.

You may have noticed the little ladybirds on my cakes… Over the last few years whenever we’ve been going through a slightly worrying or difficult time we’ve noticed a ladybird appeared and everything turned out well.  Now we always think of a ladybird as being a sign of good fortune!  When it came to deciding on an identity for Cakes by Rachel Capstick, a ladybird seemed entirely appropriate.

After 5 years of running my cake business, I have decided to spend more time with my family and whilst I really enjoy making cakes for family and friends, I am afraid I won’t be taking any more bookings for cakes.

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